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White Nights and Baby Beef

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(I’ve posted a few emails sent to friends from my treo in summer 2007)

I’m sitting in an attic room in Panzano in Chianti. It is the White Night–the longest day. Outside one window, music from a live band playing a panoply of Mexican and corny-senior-citizen dance music. From the window on the other side and down in the valley, a thrash/ska band is rocking out–I think the band is Scottish. My friend, Kate and I have eaten seven courses of beef in the hippest restaurant in Chianti at the chef’s table. I am too bloated to party. We took a walk around the village after dinner. We followed the Tex-Mex cover band songs until we found an en plein air social club (communistas). Mostly seniors (what the French call ” the Third Age”). They dance under the stars weekly. Tonight they had a latin theme. But they played a Viennese waltz and I thought I had walked into a Fellini film. Then they did the Bus Stop to a Tex-Mex song (Guantaramira).

Now Kate and I are sitting in our room enjoying the music and sipping Amaro. It is lovely.

Today we went searching for internet and a car wash and found, quite by accident, the Prada outlet. Alas how many pairs of silver snakeskin stilettos can a girl own?

Tomorrow morning we go to the blessing of the beef herd.

I will give you a full report on the beef meal at Dario’s tomorrow.


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June 23, 2007 at 11:50 pm

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