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Nothing happened today

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I took the Subway (which is mostly above ground) to the center of Anyang this morning. The Chungang Market is the largest traditional covered-market I have ever been in. Perhaps it is not that big, perhaps it I was disoriented. I’ll let you know. After what seemed like hours of zig-zagging through fish, pork, vegetables, medicinal things, beef, housewares and tailors (yes, tailors), I walked back to the studio on the main street called Anyangdeagyo. It’s a six, maybe eight, lane road at certain points with everything from fancy department stores to junkyards along the way. It took me nearly 40 minutes to stumble back to Seoksu Market in the 90˚F, 5000% humidity conditions. 

The tables for my studio-kitchen arrived while I was gone. A local Korean artist, Daily Lee helped me find an affordable Bikram yoga membership on the Korean version of Craigslist. This makes me very happy.

All the other artists are watching the new Batman movie. I am looking at pictures of the food I saw but did not eat today.




Written by etinnyo

August 13, 2008 at 11:58 am

Posted in Art, Food, Korea

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