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Pirate Easter

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Ahoy me buckos!
The Pirate Easter Party was born during Jeff and Jude’s Vampire New Year’s Eve, long before the coincidental boarding of the Maersk Alabama. 
Pirates and Easter are an obvious match: hunting for eggs or buried treasure; hurling eggs or cannonballs; hopping down the bunny trail or walking the plank; the wearing of funny hats. Twelve of me hearties joined me for this eyepatch optional occasion.


Menu for Pirate Easter
Salty Dogs, Pirate Rum, and Mint Juleps
Cheesy Doubloons
Egg Dyeing
dscf4886_2Sea Beasties (Octopus and Cockles eaten with small swords)
dscf4893_21Polly in a Cracker (Matzo Meal-Coated Southern-Fried Quail)
dscf4895Peg-Leg of Lamb (bone replaced with an bundle of rosemary)
Potato Cannonballs
Green Bean Scabbards
A scholarly summary of the first 63 pages of a biography of Captain Kidd (and how a good circumcision can save a pirate’s life)
An interlude of the pirate game, Guess My Name (Is your name Eric? No, but it shares three letters with Eric. Is it Richard? No…)
dsc_0001_21Floating Island
Nina Simone sings Pirate Jenny
More Grog Yo-ho-ho!

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April 13, 2009 at 1:06 pm

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