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I celebrated Independence Day with a trip to the Union Square Market. There I bought my first several quarts of sour cherries. As some of you already know, I make a steady stream of sour cherry pies (about one a day) every year during the sour cherry season (three weeks in July) until the cherries stop coming in. What to do with all these pies?

On Sunday, I woke up to make pastry dough. Tending to various Sunday activities, I returned in the evening to pit cherries and roll out pie crust. It was out of the oven around 11 pm. By then, Kate and Marcia had arrived with ice cream…And to point out I am absolutely mad to make pie at the height of the summer heat. “You do this every year?” Marcia said. But that was before she’d had a piece of pie. My choice seemed more sane after the first bite.

On Monday, I went to the market to buy more cherries. In the evening, the pie and I met Bryan and Thu-Lan in Bryant Park. There, the first pie became the first empty pie dish.

Pie comes out of the oven.

Pie comes out of the oven.

Kate cuts a second helping.

Kate cuts a second helping.


Written by etinnyo

July 7, 2009 at 12:36 am

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