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Two Pie Day–Second Pie

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The second pie of the day took a detour to Home Depot and finally ended up warming up in Barry and James’ oven while I took a tour of their art collection. Barry made espresso for us and we talked about art and food and blogs. I left with about a quarter of the pie for an evening meeting with Annabel and Greta. But first a mani-pedi. All eyes lit up when I entered Chelsea Nails with my pie basket and I was in the awkward position of having to tell Mr. Lee that I didn’t have enough pie for them that day. After dinner, we popped the pie in for a little warm up and I forgot about it. We were talking about whether nudity was appropriate in a cafe setting. The pan got a little toasty but it was still delicious–perhaps even more so.

Not a scrap left.

Barry's espresso press

Barry's espresso press

Late afternoon pie

Late afternoon pie

Post-dinner pie and bourbon

Post-dinner pie and bourbon

Annabel helps clean the pie plate

Annabel helps clean the pie plate


Written by etinnyo

July 17, 2009 at 1:08 am

Posted in Food, New York, Pie

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