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The Twins, Part Two

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The first of the pie twins rushed down Fifth Avenue in a taxi to where Colleen, Arlon, and the eight year old tennis twins waited patiently for their annual pie ritual. The first half of the pie was cut into five equal pieces. Colleen was asked to compare them to last week’s tennis camp cupcakes.
A piece was to be saved for Richie, the tennis coach. “What about your mom and dad?” I said. Mom should have a piece, it was decided. So Arlon began to cut the second half into smaller pieces. Alexandra decided she didn’t need a piece so it could be saved for Richie. But Blake suggested, “Let’s just have larger pieces,” which also sounded reasonable. By the time we were all sitting down again, somehow Alexandra was eating her second piece. And we discussed how to protect Richie’s piece from dad, who eats everything.

On its way!

Arlon cuts as Blake supervises

Alexandra’s second piece


Written by etinnyo

July 3, 2010 at 8:03 pm

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