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I scrambled from market to market in search of sour cherries yesterday, all the while knowing several members of a certain museum’s crew were walking about with plastic forks in their front pockets in wait of pie. Luckily, I had hoarded on quart of cherries. But it takes two quarts to make a proper pie. I have strict filling to pastry standards for all my pies. So in the end, I settled for a hyphenated pie of half sour cherries and half Granny Smith apples. The pie went onto the oven not without a hitch: I ran out of flour, then sugar, then my preferred binder. Each visits to the corner grocer.

Still warm from the oven the hyphenated pie took a quick ride to museum mile to be greeted and then savored by Paul, Barry, Esperanza, Shannon, Libby, Kai, David, Christine, Katrina, and Mike who invited me.

Sour Cherry-Apple Pie



Written by etinnyo

July 16, 2010 at 11:14 am

Posted in Food, New York, Pie

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