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These are Talitha’s goats. Aren’t they lovely?

On that first visit to the farm, I hug out while they were milked. Then we took the goats to pasture.

Goats are incredibly affectionate and gentle. “You can touch their mouths!” Joan kept saying. Indeed you can. Goats want to please like a dog, but they don’t drool. Standing in that pen I was pressed against and nuzzled like I was part of a large sympathetic family, my herd.

Up the hill again, I was shown the creamery they were building and the vegetable garden and chickens. Then I was taken up to the house where Dan was straining the fresh milk.

I brought back a gallon to Black Meadow Barn where I added rennet, mesophillic culture and penicillium candidum to the still warm milk and set it aside in a cool corner to do its thing.


Written by etinnyo

August 1, 2011 at 10:38 pm

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