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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Guy sent me this picture yesterday.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are happening simultaneously in my mind as The Fourth Leg approaches. Yesterday, I remember Guy called me with the news that half a 200 lb pig had arrived and was now hanging in the walk-in at the shop. Meanwhile there was the other shoulder and face curing in the fridge at home. Last night (and into this morning) a rolled up pig face poached on the stove for 14 hours. I will spare you the details of the deboning and the busted sous-vide bag. All a blur.

Today is punctuated by rubber boots and millions of lists…and the bargaining with myself –triaging what might have happened if it weren’t snowing.

Off I go again now (or soon) into the snow to prepare for my 10 lucky students; to buy a large canvas to lay the pig on;to search for bacon vodka…because food is about the future. Preparing is about hope.

Tomorrow we will cut this pig and talk about how to cook each part.


Written by etinnyo

October 29, 2011 at 12:39 pm

Posted in Art, Butchers, Food, Meat, Menu, New York

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