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Sometimes I think of my fridge as a book, a diary. I open it and leaf through its shelves and drawers.

Right now I am reading a chapter called Animal Kingdom in which the six whole ducks (one with its head and webs still on), the ten confitted duck legs, the two jars of duck cracklings, the three jars of rendered duck fat and half a jar of rendered pork fat, the bit of thawing pork belly, the funky scrap of home-cured pancetta, the four pyramids of way-past-their-prime goat cheese, a small wedge of Parmagiano, the carton of leftover whipping cream, the jar of fermented baby shrimp, and the bottle of anchovy fillets are pushed around to make room for the ceramic kimchi hangari on the top shelf.



Written by etinnyo

February 3, 2012 at 12:30 pm

Posted in Food, Meat, New York

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