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A Letter to My Pie List

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Subject: Sour Cherry Pie Commences

Dear Pie Friends,

Sour Cherry Pie season is starting nearly a month early and is predicted to be extremely brief. The first pie is in the oven now. Yes, I picked my own cherries this year. I’ll tell you why in the next message.

As in other years, I will make at least one sour cherry pie a day until I can’t get any more cherries, and share it with those of you I see that day. You’ll get a photo of that pie when it’s been eaten. The duration of this annual performance is dictated by the availability of the fruit locally and the amount of sleep I need. This is my gift to you.

You’re on this list because you love pie or pictures of pie. Let me know if you don’t.

Hugs, sugar and spice, Elaine


Written by etinnyo

June 18, 2012 at 8:51 am

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