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After the punishing wake up call of Thursday’s tragedy, it seemed the Pie God’s wrath was all but spent. Friday was full of blessings.

First the pie came out of the oven and into the basket without incident. It took the usual crowded ride downtown (this morning squeezed up next to a FedEx guy).

During my lunch break I bolted up to the City Hall Farmers Market to find the last seven quarts of sour cherries. I took the 10 lbs of cherries in a cardboard crate back to the office, stopping to buy a gyro on the way.

After lunch, I met Jeanette at Kurt’s microgallery for her piece of pie.

The easy trip to my yoga class after work involved carrying the pie basket, my bag with gym clothes and  the crate of new cherries 3 blocks to the subway, up and down stairs and turnstiles during rush hour. Um. In high heels and a mini dress. An absolute pleasure after yesterday’s pie free day. The blistering heat only helped.

Once I checked into the gym, I got downstairs to the locker room and stuffed the cherries and the pie in a locker.

After yoga, Harth helped me with the box. We went to the magic pier past fountains and beach volley ball to where the heatwave seemed less cruel. There we met Jan, Raymond and Steve for pie.





















We spoke of Finnish fruit; spare ribs; old sunken ships turned into night clubs; Beruit vs Mexico CIty; hamburgers and a myriad of subjects as Raymond preened for passersby.

When it was dark, Jody and Calvin joined us for yet another round of pie. And in the dark we spoke of ray gun camp and exploding lasers, batting cages and bleachers. Then talk turned to the pies of yesteryear: Jody’s first pie at Julie’s, the World Cup pie party, and missing pie last year. By then it was very dark and the pie was all gone.

I filled the basket with the empty pie plate and four quarts of cherries, and put the rest of the cherries in a plastic shopping bag. Calvin threw the crate away near the mini golf course on the way to the subway and home.

I could quit now but why would I want to?


Written by etinnyo

June 30, 2012 at 10:35 am

Posted in Art, Food, New York, Pie

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