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A Royal Visit

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The Princess of Harlem appeared unexpectedly at our humble Sunday lunch of leftover cheeses and quiche. Her royal emissary, Graham used the usual ruse about borrowing a cherry pitter to gain her entry. Once again Michele, Kate, Wade and Eileen did their best to shake her out of her dark mood with tales of elephant tails, large cat largess, and fancy bird fanciers. Graham regaled us with his battle for the sour cherry tree behind their castle.

After an hour or so, she nibbled at her own piece of pie and cocked her head to say, “I have been here three times before, do you remember?” Then finally her spirits lifted and she began flying around the room blessing and naming all the pigs — large and small— in the household.

This one is called mommy, 
And this one is called daddy
And this one…
Is me!

Just as quickly as she appeared she left while Graham said the usual royal good byes (in which it is customary to promise sour cherry jam).




I ate the a bit of pie for breakfast on Monday and gave this last piece to Norris, my doorman as I headed outside with another warm pie in my basket.


Written by etinnyo

July 8, 2013 at 4:54 pm

Posted in Art, Food, New York, Pie

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  1. If one sort of comes around and hangs out in front of your building, is that likely to bear fruit, so to speak?

    Richard Fleming

    July 8, 2013 at 6:18 pm

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