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1. Nancy
2. Wolfie
3. Elaine
4. Dorinda
5. Eileen
6. Robin
7. Kirby
8. Sara
9. Alice
10. Todd
11. Jane
12. Salka
13. Richard Fl
14. Kate
15. Ruby


My lips are sealed.

I will not tell you which of these people said, “These pies are like boobies; everybody likes them.”

Nor will I tell you who explained to whom why we didn’t invite Brad and Angelina.

Nor who used the word “nixtamalized” in a sentence (correctly).

Nor which people at the table had risked life and limb to watch an Appalachian fireworks display (more than once).

Nor who is the identical twin who separated from her sister for the first time so she could skateboard all over the five boroughs.

Nor who was too young to even eat pie.

Nor how many of these people have lived in West Saharan refugee camps.

Nor how many have written cookbooks.

Nor how many have been to Germany or Italy or Spain or Korea.

Nor who explained to her spouse the definition of the Latin term vomitorium.

Nor the name of the individual (not listed) who ate pie under the table.

But I will tell you that we left a piece for Anton.P1040333



Written by etinnyo

July 12, 2013 at 12:56 pm

Posted in Art, Food, New York, Pie

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