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I was somewhere. Where was I? Oh yes, the opening of that big survey show I had made an artwork for. I’ll tell you about that later. But anyhow, I’m there sipping a beer out of a bottle and talking to Lisa. There are dancers rolling across the crowded floor. Lisa is fishing for pie. I tell her Ruby has already secured pie but no date has been set.


The first pie for the past few years has always been Joan’s pie. It’s sort of a victory pie. It celebrates our adventures at the pick-your-own donut orchard. It celebrates our victory over the cruel elements of nature: heat, humidity, the blazing sun, crop failure and scary wooden ladders.

The first pie in the city is another thing. It might seem absurd to you, but it’s hard to plan where that first city pie goes—especially when one is hauling ass to finish ones artwork hours before the opening. So Lisa’s pie fishing expedition was a godsend. In less that 12 hours from when we spoke, two pies were in the oven and destined for Sean’s ice cream social birthday party. The first pie of the city would be twins.


When the pies reported for duty at the appointed time, they were escorted to the artists’ playroom. There the twins waited for the birthday boy. The colleagues gathered. And we waited. Then we waited some more. Some of our party began to get nervous. The artists’ playroom was beginning to resemble the Donner Pass. The ice cream got broken into first. Then finally, as we were about to set upon the pies, Sean stepped out of the elevator and we sang Happy Birthday. Then we made him slice the pie.



There were at least 20 people. Sean cut judiciously. Ruby told the story of last year’s pie visit to the old office — the one without an artists’ playroom. And everyone said hurrah for pie.

Somehow, there was still half a pie left over. That half a pie showed up late to the USA v. Belgium match. But Nancy invited it up to the loft where Andreas, Michael and Phyllis (the swimming dentist) recounted the match.

P1040815 P1040816

And we talked for quite sometime about wisdom teeth. Andreas had the last two pieces. But Stella had his last bit of crust.



Written by etinnyo

July 3, 2014 at 12:11 am

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